DNAMito products enable personalization of treatment. Radiation therapy may be personalized based on multiple factors specific to a patient – including genetic information. Oncologists will greatly benefit from the decision support system that helps them integrate multiple patient factors in the treatment decisions.

Predict Cancer App

The Maastro clinic has published various cancer prediction models.  These models help clinicians understand the risks and benefits of cancer treatment for various types of cancers. The predict cancer app brings this power directly to the clinicians’ devices.


Prodecis is a decision support system that helps patients and their physicians determine the efficacy of proton or photon treatment using dose planning comparison and complication risk evaluation. Prodecis uses multiple factors such as biological, genetic, clinical and imaging information about the patient to compare various treatment options. Prodecis helps radiation oncologists select the best treatment path for each patient.

Prodecis graph


Genetic test for the risk of radiation induced toxicity.

The current clinical practice in radiation therapy does not differentiate the dose for each patient. The genetic test offered by DNAmito gives a reliable indication of the complication risk of radiation toxicity and thereby direct the patients to the type of radiation therapy that minimizes radiation to healthy tissue. It also indicates the possibility of higher dose when the patient can tolerate it, thereby increasing the effectiveness of treatment.


DNAmito imagines a future where chronic diseases could be predicted early enough to give an individual an opportunity to improve his/her lifestyle. This has the potential to personalize disease management and avoidance, improve the quality of life and control the ballooning costs of chronic disease management for the population.

DNAmito will ensure that its products will have the necessary regulatory market clearance at the time of the product launch

harnessing DNA to personalize cancer treatment